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Product Information - The 'Rip Kit'
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    The 'Rip Kit'

    You can purchase pre-shaped Side-Kick foam cores that can be mounted and glassed onto any board you desire. Each foam core set comes with two matched Side-Kick wings (one for the left rail and one for the right rail), along with mounting instructions and templates to help ensure that the wings are properly positioned on your board.

    The Rip Kit also includes one full-size (8") waterproof clear plastic mylar film surface-mount sticker showing the Ocena "pipeline" logo, for you to affix to your board. These stickers have a water resistant adhesive backing, and look great on your board or your car window. Additional stickers are available in 3-inch ($1/ea) and 8-inch ($3/ea) sizes.

    Price: $125.00/pair

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