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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Soul Surfing
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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    Soul Surfing
    The excitement is back! Remember the feeling of riding when you first started, when surfing was new. The Side-Kicktm wing-fins put the fun back into surfing. Now you can get back to the soul of surfing... where style dominates over those knock-you-over-the-head ultra radical moves. This is the new school of fish in the sea. The ones who prefer to get back in tune with riding one of the great forces of nature.

    Essentially the Side-Kicktm wing-fins give the surfer the performance ability to ride another line. This isn't an acrobatic type of surfing but an Ocena style, in harmony with the spirit of the wave, elegant smooth flowing S-turns slicing higher lines of travel. This is the board which attempts to approach the Ghost - the Soul Surfer - the Phantom Rider on the wave, gliding along with power strength and speed.

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