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Product Information - What is the SideKick?
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    What is the SideKick?
    SideKick Aft Profile - U.S. Patent #5,957,742

    The patented design of this surfboard performance accessory goes beyond the Thruster (Tri-Fin) system, giving greater stability, ease of manueverability and increased control without loss of speed.

    The following description is excerpted from U.S. Patent #5,957,742
    A stabilizing, turning and controlling side fin for a surfboard or the like increases the performance and maneuverability of the surfboard or the like. The side fin may be provided on the right, left or both sides of the surfboard near the rear or middle portions of the surfboard. The side fin includes a deck portion forming a foot support and a roll over edge at the side thereof.

    The side fin is selectively submergible and provides a lift and thrust feel to the board when going through the water. In operation, when stepping on the deck portion of the side fin, or otherwise submerging a selected side fin, the board will turn in that direction. Stepping on the deck surface lightly will produce gradual turn and stepping on the deck surface heavily will produce a sharper turn.

    The side fin allows the board to essentially climb up on to the wave, giving the user the ability to maneuver and ride even small waves.

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