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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - New Styles
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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    New Styles
    The Side-Kicktm wing-fins allow the rider to use a new style in riding the wave. New possibilities can be achieved, similar to the riding style of longboarders, although down the barrel riding is optimized. The wing-fins help the board to ride in the tube on a higher line near the peak in the power pocket. A big board feel is felt by making a shortboard seem thicker and wider.

    A board with the wings has better initial speed without losing the momentum in a bottom turn and instead can go down-the-line while dropping-in. The wing-fin provides more freedom in trying and inventing new tricks enabling maneuvers like those of skateboards.

    Ideally the winged board allows the surfer to carve S-turns down the face of the wave in the barrel. With the wings engaged it is easy to instantly climb to the top of the wave without much effort. Here you have the ability to explore new ways to ride and new styles to experiment.

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