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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - New Techniques
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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    New Techniques
    The Side-Kicktm wing-fins on your board will produce very smooth stable speed that is easy to obtain and maintain through the fastest sections of the wave. In practice, a bottom turn is not necessary since the board can drop-in on an angle and can conserve its initial momentum. Its best qualities are realized when the board glides down the line of the hollow section of the wave holding the line similar to a longboard.

    You will immediately notice how the board hangs-in and can easily climb to the top of the wave with very little effort. It can also maintain a higher line of attack in the 'power-pocket' of the wave near the peak. Weighting the board will cause the wing-fin to easily turn the board in a natural arc which isn't as sharp as conventional boards but it is much less physically demanding. The wing-fins act to stabilize the board in whitewater and should provide for longer rides.

    The Side-Kicktm wing-fins provide a boost or kick in a different direction. When the wing-fin is engaged you can notice a transition of power and stability as the wing kicks in. The Side-Kicktm is a departure from current board design and performance. It offers a newer style of surfing while still remaining true to the olde fashioned traditional style of wave riding. The Side-Kicktm style of surfing is based on long arcs, smooth carving slalom S-turns on the wall - rather than the short quick turns and stunt-like maneuvers of modern surfing.

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