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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Tube Riding
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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    Tube Riding
    The Side-Kicktm is the World's Premier Tube Rider. The wing-fins work best in 5 foot or more, large, powerful, steep surf conditions. It is recommended that the surfboard with wing-fins be used under these specific conditions. The most favorable results can be expected in the fast hollow section of steep powerful waves with large tubes or faces. Here is where the wing-fins can be used to their fullest extent.

    If you're interested in going down-the-line in style with grace and speed then the Side-Kicktm wing-fins are the performance enhancement for you. A board with these wings is made for long perfect tubes. We don't throw a lot of spray and we don't gouge through turns. We don't do a hard bottom turn, go vertical to the lip and snap off a 180. Instead, we offer a more subtle excitement which combines speed and control. A board with the Side-Kicktm wing-fins rides parallel in-line with the barrel carving the wall. So if you have the wave, the desire, and a progressive attitude, then we have the newest addition for your quiver.

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