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    Mounting Instructions
    The Side-Kicktm wing-fins are presently available in the form of pre-shaped foam blanks (the "Rip Kit") that must be trimmed and contoured to match the rails of your surfboard. A template is included with the Rip Kit to help you transfer the curve of the rail to the foam blanks that so the inner portion of the wings (along the straight edge) can be cut away and shaped to fit snugly against the rails.

    After they are shaped, the wings are then glued and fiberglassed into position. Although this is not a difficult process, it is recommended that an experienced surfboard industry professional be hired to properly mount the Side-Kicktm wing-fins.

    The Side-Kicktm wing-fins are high performance add-on items. They must be properly positioned on your board so that the full benefit of their hydro-dynamic properties can be realized. The following illustrated photographs and key points should provide a helpful guide to placing the wing-fins on your board.

  • wing edge/barrel line MUST be parallel to stringer (within a 3° tolerance)
  • leading edge of wing extends approx 1" to 1 3/4" beyond rail
  • wing position fore-and-aft centered on "side fin-box cross-line"
  • the underside of the wing fin must be between 15° and 30° degrees above the HORIZONTAL and matches the 'rocker' contour of the bottom of the board
  • use 15° for greater stability and control on smaller waves.
  • use 30° for more power and performance on larger waves.
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